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Notary and Apostille explained 

Recently VFS has updated their attestation requirements for New South Wales and you need to check their website before getting ready with your documents. Accordingly, no longer Justice of the Peace can sign your document and you should get Notary public who is also lawyer to attest your documents.

Unlike Justice of the Peace, Notary service is not community service. It involves costs associated with attesting your document for every page. (NOT every document but each page).

Most Indian community in and   around  Sydney , in particular in the western suburbs,  approach us to notarise documents including general power of attorney or special power of attorney, FORM J, FORM I and FORM V required for  renewals of passports, or other legal and court documents that must also be stamped and attested by VFS but not limited to.

If you need us to attend to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade   in obtaining the apostille, we can assist you as well.


Once your documents are notarised and stamped with an apostille generally do not require further authentication or legalisation for India.


Please call us for an appointment



Dr Chandrika Subramaniyan

Solicitor and Notary

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